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blue is love

March 2010


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Mar. 31st, 2010

blue is love

aku binte laen per! wait, takda binte pon ah !

wah . i really got a super-duper fucked up biological family huh?

1st bro - shotgun.
2nd bro - the only one who got married off PROPER, but even so, 1 week before nikah, his hantaran got "LOST". who helped him? MY PARENTS. and now what's he doing? ignoring my parents, saying i'm NOBODY in their family. fuck you sak.
3rd sis - no comments. giler nyer kakak.
4th - me. same stubborn kid who follows 3rd sis attitude. hopefully i wont follow her footsteps.
5th sis - getting married next month. she's only fking 19 end of this year. and even so, i got to know about this news through facebook feeds.


"pls2 dont tell her abt aku nk kahwin" kape? OPPS SORRY BABE DAH TERBACA. after which, qid immediately asked boyf about this. and since i haven't really told boyf about my "ACTUAL" family, boyf was very very very lost lah kan. the only thing that boyf knew bout me, was me being an adopted child. but seriously, MALU ah nak bobal pasal family cockup.

eh baek uh eh. mentang2 arwah bapak korang dah takda, beh nak ketepikan kitorang ah? alasan tak jempot kononnyer, confirm my side will mengata. i wanted to keep this to myself but i just can't. anything that has to do with MY family, i will tell. otherwise i will just feel uneasy. and guess what, my dad already knew about that.

after reading on, more like stalking actually, shotgun lagy ah kan. hanyot per, darah daging aku? tsk. bukan nye aku nak jaga tepi kain orang ah kan, so what kalaw laki-to-be kau tu, SRB? baru 3 bulan masok ns, lama lagy mau kayoh whey. good luck to your end of teenage life. i would have prayed for your well being if i was treated nicely, but look, nothing's fucking changed.

seriously lah, seriously i dont wanna fucking care about them. but shits gonna happen coz at the end of the day i'll still need abg erfan to be my wali if i get married one fine day, insyallah. haiz.

alhamdullillah i have someone. who accepts me for who i am, who accepts me for who i was. and thank god for my parents permission and blessings.but, i still want him to be my 2nd rider please. and i still want to be his bike's 2nd rider, please. nak jugak rasa bawak kr. hehx.

Nov. 18th, 2009

blue is love

(no subject)

my best birthday has got to be my 19th.

the 20th wasn't much of a special occasion. what with much speculation about me going out with someone who's single but is holding that "engaged" status. my 20th, it sucks, so bad.

because ..
1. i was down with fever.
2. i was working, DAMMIT.
3. i had no appetite to eat.
4. i had a fallout with someone over who i went out with.
5. i have a boyfriend who is non-existent.
6. it just had to rain !

thank goodness i was armed with my trusty arai raincoat. dragged myself at vivocity and pretended that i'm enjoying that moment. where in fact, i just wished to be home, resting. and what do i get when i reach home? fallout with someone. garrhh~ and mom adviced me to stop going out with my colleague coz of his situation. yes maa, i will.

this week is just going to be so crazy. not enough sleep + working + going out + working at pizzahut. pengsan ...
but on a lighter note, i'm going to get back my bike this saturday. hope she's pretty and in a tiptop condition. i hadn't gave the bike a name yet, coz i call her "IT". and i dont take care of the bike even though it's been with me for 4 months. and i'm still praying the letter wont come.
125z or tzm next year, i still want it .

Aug. 15th, 2009

blue is love


i dont know what's wrong with blogger so i'll post up here whilst things are still fresh in my head.

one of the reasons why i hate saturdays is that sometimes, i have too many plans and i dont know to go for which, and i'll always end up staying home. and i did. another reason i stayed home was due to the major fallout i had between me and my parents regarding the bike.

but at 8.30pm, i finally gave in and told mum i had to go out for awhile to fix some stuffs on my  bike. rode off to Bedok Resv, thankfully i wasn't lost.

met up with Ateng and he helped fix the chains. but turned out that there MIGHT be something wrong with the sprocket. after a short test ride, the chain loosen up, AGAIN. *sigh* my chains are currently darn tight and there's funny noises when i ride. most probably i have to change brake pads. either that or it's because some of the oil got into the disc brake. erghh !

now, another problem. funny knocking sounds when i pull in the clutch slightly. grr !!!! i hate my friend laaa !

so whilst i still remember ...

1. check fork oil
2. sprocket
3. change chain
4. change rear brakepads
5. check if bearing is broken
6. remove hugger
7. adjust 2t intake

Ateng ! i want your TZM laaaaa. hehs. i'm so going to find a buyer to COI this pathetic bike after my insurance expires. TZM ? 125z? mati2 nak tzm eh. degil nye budak.

Jul. 21st, 2009

blue is love

(no subject)

you know one thing i HATE about LADY drivers?
they're fucked up !!!

sumpahhh kalau aku tengah tak kerja aku tendang kau nye kereta pat traffic light. bodoh betul laa orang2 gini.

if you have tunnel vision, don't drive, seriously.

oh. what happens, if you happen to deliver pizzas to your father's colleague?
the answer: havoc !
thank goodness my dad is already okay with me doing deliveries.

i miss the people at pizza hut. working in a lab is so ... stressful, so depressing.

when i have a child, i make sure he/she works at shell too. ehehee ...... generation gitu nohhh.
but the journey to jurong island is ... GODAMNIT so exhausting. i need a bikey dad, i need a bikey. no car please, i'd fall asleep behind the wheels.

i'm so tired laaa. it's too rushing for me. too rushing in such a way that i dont even have time to berak in the morning. aiyooooo. jangan cakap berak lah, makan pagy pon kadang2 tak sempat.

3 months to go ! will my contract be renewed? stay tuned. hahak

Jun. 17th, 2009

blue is love

(no subject)

can't help but to tell myself how dull my polytechnic life has been.
and then i asked myself , where did i go wrong?

Jun. 15th, 2009

blue is love

(no subject)

SP's rock climbers are hoooootttttt .
the bod , omg ! ahah
but nah, RC is something i won't wanna be in. later my arms become like Ayuni's / Zhen Hui's .. so big ! eheee ...

realized one of them looks like wan.

today work was .. ARGHH !
right hand cramp coz throttle happy.
left hand cramp coz need to balance the delivery pouch. heavy neh ! luckily pizza never drop off when on the road ahh ! if not, cry ah ! ahah

im so beat.

May. 27th, 2009

blue is love

2-wheels free the soul, 4-wheels trap it.

graduation day is over and done with. didn't really enjoy it much because my parents tagged along and i can't find everyone from my class so we didnt take a group photo of ourselves. sigh~

i drove. yes, i fucking drove. rented a car yesterday. i couldn't park properly for SHIT. reverse. forward. reverse. forward. SENGET jgk. alahai !

2 wheels is fr me. hehs

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